Sunday, 21 June 2009

A Different Africa Please

We all get tired of hearing the same old stories about Africa. You know, what you get from CNN, BBC, VOA e.t.c It's always war, hunger, corruption, diseases, not good, bad, worse, worst ....
This post is not about any of that or the fact that one can often trace the root of the problems to the so-called developed world. This post is about how the Internet allow us to see the other side of Africa and get stories from Africans. Not Africans being paid by the western media to carry out western propaganda in local African languages but everyday Africans that want to tell their stories and express their thoughts using the Internet. Instead of reading about hunger, corruption and diseases it's a great relief coming across words like hope, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. This is the required spirit to define the new Africa. The following are some the African blog sites I find particularly interesting.

Africa unchained
Timbuktu chronicles

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