Sunday, 9 October 2011


For most techies Steve Jobs is either a hero or a villain. Personally I consider him both a hero and a villain. In terms of innovation Steve Jobs has literally brought computing to it's current state. From the proliferation of the graphical user interface to the current rage of tablet computers.

On the other hand, I think Steve's business style is ruthless, he is an absolute dictator on how you use his company's products. Though that ruthlessness has paid off considering the fact that apple is now the biggest company in the world in terms of market value. 

I have never met or dreamed of meeting Steve, but now that he is gone. It just dawned on me that we really need people people like Steve to be pushing the limits of technology.

I made an impulsive tribute to Steve Jobs on facebook when I heard about his demise. I am reprinting that Tribute below because I felt that it expressed my true sentiments towards Steve Jobs.

I have never been a fan of Steve Jobs, but I have always respected him for defying the norms and pushing the limits of technology. He was ruthlessly efficient and has became a legend in technology spheres. He has left a vacuum that will take teams and not an individual to fill.
Bye Steve Jobs
You will be missed.

This is not just a tribute, it's an iTribute.