Friday, 23 October 2009

Surviving A Car Accident

I got shot five times but I'm still breathing Living proof there's a God if you need a reason. -Tupac Shakur

The above were the words of rapper Tupac Shakur, I never really appreciated the deep meaning of those words until now. On tuesday 20th October 2009, Me and friend D.M Wulgo both survived a major car accident. We were going to Kaduna from Maiduguri the wether was cool and wet. Somewhere in Jigawa state a cow suddenly appeared infront of us from the side bushes. Dodging the animal we landed on the slippery mud beside the road, skidded some distance on the mud and hit the edge of a new lane being constructed. The car somersaulted three times before coming to rest on it's tyres. I sustained minor cuts on my hand and the side of my forehead. D.M who was in the passenger's seat had a cut in the head and both us had many bruises on our bodies. We were taken to hospital in Dutse, Jigawa state by volunteers and were treated there and discharged the next morning. By thursday 22nd October 2009 we were home and today friday 23rd October I'm posting on my blog. I think that's a proof there's a God if you need a reason.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Nigeria's Space Ambition

For some time now, I thought our space program have came to a halt especially with the loss of NigcomSat-1. But recently I came across a report on a milestone achieved in building of NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X (NX). The important thing about NigeriaSat-X this is that it is being built by Nigerian engineers. Read more here