Friday, 30 September 2011

No You Can't Be A Programmer

Often people ask me the question, how do I become a programmer? My answer is always the same, learn programming. Naturally the next question is; how do I learn programming? That is when I pretend to be nice and give them a short lecture on how to learn programming.

In reality the answer I always feel like giving for both questions is; you can't be a programmer. Yes, anybody that ask you how to become a programmer is not a person that is likely to learn programming.

The true programmer-to-be would have found out how to become a programmer on his own. The true programmer-to-be would have found out about the various programming languages and technologies on his own. Therefore he will be asking questions like which programming language do you think I should learn? or how do I create GUI programs on windows?

People that successfully learn to write programs have some common traits;

• They love solving problems
• They love intellectual challenges
• They love learning new things
• They only ask other people when they can't find answers on their own
• They study not only things they are told to study but also things they find interesting.
• They can endure a thousand failures to savour that moment of success.

So if you are the type that is always on facebook but still ask people how to become a programmer instead of Googling it out, sorry you are not ready to become a programmer.


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