Friday, 28 January 2011

MTN FastLink On Linux

 MTN Nigeria now has linux support for their FastLink data service. Though distros like Ubuntu has support for mobile broadband out of the box, one cannot do things like sending SMS or USSD without third party applications. One can now install the FastLink software found in the Linux folder on the modem. The one I tried came with a Huawei E1550 usb stick modem.

Running on Ubuntu 10.04
Wether this is from MTN or Huawei, it's good for us Linux users.


  1. After I installed the software, It worked perfectly and after that I don't know how to re-initialize the driver so it will connect with the Software interface
    Is there any way to compomletely uninstall the Modem and Delete All user preferences.

  2. can anyone post a link to download for linux?

  3. @e911miri, the program once installed doesn't allow the gnome network manager to load the modem driver. You have to use the modem only via fastlink then.

    Judging by the install script, it seems the program is installed in /usr/local/MTN F@stLink and associated user user preferences are in /usr/local/hw_mobile_userdata

    @kodako, the program comes on newer MTN fastlink modems.